Performance-Based Seismic Assessment of Irregular Bridges

The current project is designed to assess the level of damage that a realistic irregular bridge will undergo after the occurrence of an earthquake. This study encourages an improved understanding of post-seismic return to service and repair of an irregular bridge. A more sophisticated approach will be used to analyze the complex vibrations of the bridge in response to a seismic excitation and to simulate the progressive collapse of the bridge during an earthquake. If the damage in bridge exceeds a predetermined safe and repairable level, a seismic retrofit plan will be proposed to control the post-earthquake damage level and safeguard the bridge against catastrophic failure. In addition, the outcome of current study is expected to improve the current seismic analysis methods of bridges with considerable irregular geometry.

Nima Mohajerrahbari
Faculty Supervisor: 
Shahria Alam
British Columbia
Partner University: