Performance Evaluation of Solvent Co-Injection Scenarios in Steam Assisted Gravity Drainage (SAGD)-Based Bitumen Recovery

Through the outlined objectives and methodologies, this project aims at evaluating the performance of the solvent assisted bitumen recovery techniques under various operation scenarios and in presence of reservoir heterogeneities. The objectives are fulfilled through advance numerical reservoir simulation studies, detailed review of the present technologies, and analyzing the laboratory/field production results. Ms. Fazlyeva will be accomplishing the outlined tasks under direct supervisions of senior reservoir engineering and technology developers. By building a solid and comprehensive understanding of the physics and fundamentals of solvent aided bitumen recovery processes, COP can optimize its future solvent applications to ensure maximized bitumen recovery and substantial reduction in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

Rita Fazlyeva
Faculty Supervisor: 
Sudarshan (Raj) Mehta
Partner University: