Personalizing gamification strategies to improve young adult life skills training. Part 2; support worker needs analysis and design of clinical interface

Facing Dragons is a mobile health game that gives quests and challenges to young adults (17-29) to help them figure out what to do with their lives, gain an empowered sense of self and unlock their purpose in life.

One of the key research innovations in this game is the addition of a special interface for support workers and caregivers that helps them get to know the young adults they work with.
In this project we will match young adult mobile gameplay preferences with game design elements in order to teach life skills in a fun and engaging way that maximizes the motivational power of gamification. We will also be creating a useful clinical interface to assist those who help young adults face their dragons every day.
This project is an important next step in the design of a mobile life coaching game that empowers young adults through playful learning.

Dov Shafer
Faculty Supervisor: 
David Kaufman
British Columbia
Partner University: