Photodynamic Therapy for Annihilating COVID-19 Virus

There is a paramount need to treat symptoms, find cures, and reduce/contain the virus’s continuous spread due to the global pandemic caused by the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19). The most life-threatening symptoms of COVID-19 result in severe respiratory failure due to pneumonia complications. While antiviral treatments and vaccines are under development globally, patients in critical condition cannot wait. It usually takes one to two years to develop vaccines, and cases continue to present with severe complications requiring immediate, life-saving intervention in the meantime. Thus, this research proposes to develop a photodynamic therapeutic device to treat the severe respiratory failure associated with COVID-19, to supply hospitals with a device to save lives while awaiting the medical community’s vaccine.

Iman Abdali;Aria Moaven;Amir Hashemi
Faculty Supervisor: 
Majid Pahlevani
Partner University: