Photometry- and Radiometry-based Precision Agriculture

Labor cost and availability are identified as the biggest challenges facing Canadian agriculture. The DOT Technology Corporation, as part of the SeedMaster, is to create an autonomous power system that acts as a primary locomotion unit for carrying a multitude of farm implements used for seeding, fertilizing, and tilling. This simple autonomous power will enable farmers to employ a number of farm functions through a shared, smaller, and economical locomotion base, called DOT. This project is on adding a myriad of sensors to the DOT power unit such as: visible-light cameras, Lidar, GPS, and IMUs. They will provide feedback information on the vehicle’s location, its direction of motion, and the environment it moves through, to the control system for real-time navigation and control. Furthermore, the information obtained via the imaging systems will be used for: (1) obstacle detection and avoidance, (2) crop-row identification, (3) motion planning for the DOT for optimal performance of the farm function it carries out.

Behnam Nasirian
Faculty Supervisor: 
Mehran Mehrandezh
Partner University: