Physical activity engagement & the intention-action gap in older adults

This research project aims to study the factors which can influence engagement in physical activity in older adults and how it is linked to health. Using data from multiple countries and collected over periods of up to 12 years the research project will look at the influence of socioeconomic and environmental factors on this relationship. The research project will also investigate the individual neuro-psychological factors that influence individuals’ engagement in physical activity with the aim of developing clinical interventions that can increase people’s level of physical activity. This research project will be undertaken with Perley Health as partner organization. Perley Health stand to benefit from the scientific expertise of the project participants and the research conducted as part of this project to further the development of the Centre of Excellence in Frailty-Informed Care and to reinforce research ties with the University of Ottawa.

Dan Orsholits;Zack van Allen
Faculty Supervisor: 
Matthieu Boisgontier;Annie Robitaille
Partner University: