Physically-Informed Vinyl Record Model for Real-Time Guitar Effect Processing

In the world of music, the warm, lo-fi response of vintage, analog electronic equipment is generally considered to deliver better sound than modern equipment. This is aptly demonstrated by guitar players who prefer vintage effect pedals, and music enthusiasts that prefer to enjoy music on vinyl records – despite the rising cost, difficult maintenance, and increasing scarcity of vintage equipment. As such, many manufacturers and researchers have begun digitally recreating this vintage equipment – allowing their sounds to be reproduced at lower cost, with increased robustness and consistency. In line with this paradigm, we plan to digitally recreate the response of an old vinyl record player and incorporate it into a pedal. It’ll give guitar players the experience of playing through an old vinyl record player by recreating all the warmth, warble, and noise that vinyl junkies love in an easy to use stompbox.

Mark Bennett
Faculty Supervisor: 
Gary Scavone
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