Physicomechanical and rheological analysis of PHB and PHBV for packaging application

Polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHAs) are bio-based, biodegradable polymers that have the most potential to replace conventional polymers used in food packaging. To this end, PHAs must be designed to achieve low cost and better performance, such as tunable mechanical properties, crystallinity, surface features, amphiphilicity, and degradation rate. This proposal aims to have a holistic picture of PHB and PHBV behavior in processes used in industrial settings through investigating the crystallinity as a function of processing parameters such as fast cooling rate, investigating rheological behavior, and determining biodegradation properties of PHB and PHBV. This proposal promotes the opportunities and challenges of adopting biobased, biodegradable polymers in packaging as moving toward more sustainable industry.

Anindita Mondol
Faculty Supervisor: 
Ehsan Behzadfar
Partner University: