Policy implementation through Collective Decision-Making - a case study of a collaborative community-level strategic planning process on immigrant settlement and integration services

The InterCultural Association (ICA) of Greater Victoria leads the establishment of Immigrant and Refugees Canada’s prominent multi-stakeholders strategy named ‘Local Immigration Partnership’ to engage diverse groups to better coordinate, avoid duplication, and enhance the current settlement and integration services aimed at immigrant well-being. This research will observe the process of community-level planning, particularly the development of outcome and performance measurement indicators towards a sustainable multi-level collaborative governance. Research findings will shed light on innovative forms of a collective and multi-stakeholder decision-making process that is formal, consensus-oriented, and deliberative and could potentially be replicated by other LIPs across Canada and/or similar multi-stakeholder development initiatives.

Daniela dos Santos Pinto
Faculty Supervisor: 
David Leach
British Columbia
Partner University: