Pollinator Steward Certification Program

The role of the intern will be assisting with the development, implementation, and evaluation of the Pollinator Steward Certification program in the Province of Ontario. In addition, research undertaken by the intern will seek to assess alignment of stewardship training with expected certification outcomes and current evidence of good practice as well as develop a ‘report card’ that brings together existing measures of socio-ecological well-being to assist conservationists and stewards to benchmark and assess their conservation efforts. Through the evaluative process that will include surveys, interviews, focus groups and site visits, this research will help provide an understanding of conservation engagement behaviour and the challenges faced by pollinator stewards, and how to better align stakeholder (participant) needs, collaborative conservation efforts, and evidence-based practice. This will benefit P2C by providing feedback on program delivery and outcomes, as well as metric development for ongoing evaluation and improvement.

Jennifer Marshman
Faculty Supervisor: 
Alison Blay-Palmer
Partner University: