Post-Occupancy Evaluation (POE)-based Framework for Net-Zero Home Construction- Wilden Living Lab (Phase II)

The proposed study will focus on extending the Wilden Living Lab (WLL) Research Program by constructing a net-zero house (as the third house of the program) with new material combinations and construction practice. A post occupancy evaluation will be conducted to identify cost-effective material selection tools for building energy-efficient detached homes. Accordingly, a net-zero house will be built in collaboration with the partners, and the user behavioral data will be monitored and assessed for the next 3 years. The partners can utilize research findings to deploy necessary energy-efficiencies and best management practices within their community and beyond. The WLL online platform can be used to push research results to the industry and enhance the knowledge of the local and provincial construction industry.

Mohammad Kamali;Meraj Rubayat Kamal
Faculty Supervisor: 
Shahria Alam;Kasun Hewage;Rehan Sadiq;Mohammad Khalad Hasan
British Columbia
Partner University: