Postnatal development in mice and rabbits: an histomorphological study

his study focuses on the postnatal histomorphology of developing organs in mice and rabbits and compares the key events between human and experimental species (mice and rabbits). It will provide an essential resource for nonclinical safety evaluations of pediatric drugs and will be helpful in preparing appropriate study designs and testing strategies. Neonatal and juvenile organs greatly differ morphologically and functionnally from adult animals. More than that, our previous investigations of growing organs indicated the presence of age-related features that can give rise to potential confusions with drug-related changes in toxicology testing. Hence, this study will provide a reference database for normal histology as well as blood biochemistry and hematology reference values. Appropriate experimental animal models are necessary, and comparison to other species, especially human, is critical, particularly for novel therapies where the target populations are children.

Ancuta Apreutese
Faculty Supervisor: 
Marie-Odile Benoit Biancamano
Project Year: