A pragmatic randomized controlled trial of a CKD specific telemonitoring platform to minimize adverse outcomes in high risk CKD patients

Advanced chronic kidney disease (CKD) patients require close surveillance, as CKD patients are at high risk of adverse events including death, acute dialysis initiation, emergency department (ED) visits and hospitalizations. Previous data from our population-based provincial study showed that there is a 10-fold increase in ED visits and hospitalizations related to kidney failure and its complications during the 30-day period before the start of dialysis. The VIEWER study is a multi-center clinical trial that aim to assess the feasibility of electronic wearable devices and tablet-based software to collect and observe health data in CKD patients. CDIC is a research center that conducts many studies in the realm of chronic disease and therefore this study is in the CDIC area of interest and expertise. This project will provide the opportunity for CDIC to expand working connections with other research centers within Canada and attract new study partners and funding sources.

Zahra Solati
Faculty Supervisor: 
Claudio Rigatto
Partner University: