Preclinical proof of concept study evaluating PBI-4050 and analogs as potential treatments in the context of ischemic cardiomyopathy

The ability to impede/reduce complication of the damaged heart presents a major challenge in the treatment of cardiovascular diseases. Complications include heart failure, which has a high mortality even with current treatments. The use of a new drug to stimulate protection of the heart during an ongoing myocardial infarct and long term changes leading to heart failure would be very relevant to the clinical setting, to help patients suffering from diverse heart problems. Our proposed treatment with PBI-4050, and other small molecules under investigation, presents an innovative pharmacological treatment to reduce damages and complications caused by myocardial infarct. With strong preliminary data supporting our hypothesis, our team will develop and optimize this novel therapy in relevant experimental models, for eventual translation to human use.

Henry Aceros
Faculty Supervisor: 
Nicolas Noiseux
Project Year: