Preventing Sexual and Dating-Based Violence on GSNAs

Sexual assault support centres and services across Canada are working to adapt their resources to the reality that an increasing number of young Canadians are meeting romantic and sexual partners through geo-social networking apps (GSNAs): dating and hook-up apps like Tinder and Bumble. Combined, the world’s top four GSNAs have over 90 million users. While recent research has focused on the misogyny, sexism, and harassment that users endure on social media, there is little research into understanding what roles GSNAs are playing in sexual and gender-based violence online. The project will survey current data and state of knowledge on the relationships between dating apps and sexual violence and generate new qualitative interview data from current and former dating app users. Outcomes from this research can be used to inform front-line intake and counselling services; provide on-the-ground support to clients accessing its services; train volunteers on how to engage with a client experiencing sexual and/or dating-based violence online; and develop educational curricula and workshops.

Amy (Amarjit) Matharu
Faculty Supervisor: 
Diana Parry;Corey Johnson
Partner University: