Prioritizing the Rights and Dignities of Mental Health Service Users: Applying the Radical Doula Model as an Innovative Framework of Support in Mental Health

This research project examines the development of a Radical Mental Health Doula (RMHD) framework as a novel, grassroots approach to mental health care that transcends service siloes and allows for people who are experiencing mental illness to have their needs understood and their voices heard. With a shared vision to improve knowledge around mental health service gaps and to create awareness for the need for systemic changes to the current access to care, the University of Calgary’s Radical Mental Health Doula research team and Thumbs Up Foundation (TUF) will work together in testing the integration of RMHDs in TUF’s community-based peer support model, Harmonized Health. Leveraging interns’ research expertise as well as academic and community partnerships, Thumbs Up Foundation will be able to expand the scope and reach of Harmonized Health while continuously evolving and improving this evidence-based, client-focused care model that prioritizes patient voices and lived experience.

Xiao Yang Fang;Amanda Denis
Faculty Supervisor: 
Joanna Rankin;Tiffany Boulton
Partner University: