Probiotics in pediatric neurodevelopmental disorders

Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) is a kind of chronic neurodevelopmental disorders that detrimentally affect the behavior and development in children. There is a tight need for efficient treatment. Scientific evidences have shown that the gut microbiota as well as their metabolites may mediate the responsiveness to changes in diet (e.g. ketogenic diet). However, clinically relevant application of microbiota-targeted treatment is limited. Herein, the project aims to test the neurobehavioral and neurometabolic consequences of probiotic using a mice model of ASD. In collaboration with the leading expert in probiotic industry, Lallemand Health Solutions, this project will hopefully identify key probiotic species that contribute to autism treatment and accelerate the development of industry-level probiotic product for clinical practice

Chunlong Mu
Faculty Supervisor: 
Jane Shearer
Partner University: