Process and product development of NaquaPureTM, a sustainable novel nano technology for the removal of heavy metals in industrial wastewater

NB-BioMatrix Inc. (NBBM) has developed a magnetic chitosan nanoparticle product, Naqua PureTM for industrial heavy metal water remediation. Unlike current heavy metal removal technologies, Naqua PureTM is cheap, environmentally friendly, requires a low energy input, and is highly efficient. However, in order to commercialize this technology it is necessary to (1) develop and implement quality assurance standards for NBBM internal expectations and consumer driven external driven expectations; and (2) design a manufacturing practise and pilot-plant design for the scale-up production of Naqua PureTM. It is proposed for the MITACS intern to develop the necessary quality assurance measures and large scale production processes based on evidence provided by research data. The intern will study the Naqua PureTM heavy metal removal efficiencies via ICP-MS, to determine the adsorption capacities and kinetics within the laboratory and industrial settings. In addition the intern will identify any potential cytotoxicity risks of Naqua PureTM.

Paul Nicholson Duchesne
Faculty Supervisor: 
Jong Sung Kim
Nova Scotia
Partner University: