Process Design for Cogeneration of Carbon Black and Hydrogen by Methane Pyrolysis

Carbon black (CB), a valuable commodity for rubber and plastic industries, is currently produced using the traditional processes with low conversion efficiency and high carbon dioxide emission. Plasma reactors, on the other hand, produce CB and hydrogen from decomposition of methane with no direct emissions and can achieve 100% conversion efficiency. Commercializing this process requires accurate control over CB morphology and process yield, which depends on the particle dynamics and the chemical reactions during the decomposition of methane. The project utilizes the resources of the Energy & Particle Technology Laboratory in Carleton University to develop a computational model that predicts the yield and morphology of the production process under different operating conditions and provides the industrial partner (Monolith Materials) with an reliable tool for design and optimization of the plasma process.

Mo Adib
Faculty Supervisor: 
Reza Kholghy;Michael Frenklach
Partner University: