Process evaluation of BCAAN/CDBC Internet Project Portal


The British Columbia Autism Assessment Network (BCAAN) and the Complex Developmental and Behavioural Conditions Program (CDBC) are responsible for the coordination and management of referrals and assessments in BC for children suspected of having Autism Spectrum Disorders and other related spectral disorders. As part of a larger project to perform a comprehensive review and revision to the system for managing referrals and cases (including the deployment of an electronic referral and tracking system), this internship will provide complete and thorough research into developing quality indicators and metrics that will ensure the new system being currently developed delivers safe, relevant and quality service to all that is serves. The project will also work in close collaboration with those developing the new system to integrate these quality indicators and metrics into the new system.

Timothy Yusun
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Tamon Stephen
British Columbia