Process flow improvement at a Parallam mill using simulation modeling

In this project, the intern will study the production process at a Parallam mill in Vancouver working closely with its Production Manager. The objective of this work is to develop simulation models to evaluate potential alternatives in order to improve the process efficiency of the final stage of operations at the mill. The final stage is called the remanufacturing department. This stage is the bottleneck of the system and limits the mill’s productivity. It is operational 4.5 days a week and the intention is to be able to have it operational 24/7. It is important to first study the system to identify issues limiting the throughput of the remanufacturing department and propose potential scenarios for improvement. Then, simulation models will be developed to evaluate each potential scenario and determine the best option to help the mill increase its outputs.

Luke Opacic
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Taraneh Sowlati
Project Year: 
British Columbia