Process model to study temperature history dependent crystallization and fusion bonding kinetics during fused filament fabrication of highperformance, semi-crystalline thermoplastic-based composites

The material properties of thermoplastic polymer composite parts manufactured by the fused filament fabrication additive manufacturing process are highly dependent on the thermal history. A good understanding of the heat transfer in fused filament fabrication is crucial for an accurate stress prediction and subsequently for repetitive, high-quality printing. A numerical simulation to model the thermal history dependent crystallization and fusion bonding kinetics of a 3D-printed fiber reinforced semi-crystalline thermoplastic composite will be developed and experimentally validated. The digital twin will allow for a thorough considerations for manufacture as a function of the multiple materials and machine variables to produce a defect-free part, and thus help shortening the lead time when setting up a new process.

Soroush Azhdari
Faculty Supervisor: 
Sergey Kravchenko
British Columbia
Partner University: