Production and Characterization of Lead-203 for Radiotheranostic Molecular Imaging

With the high prevalence of cancer in the Canadian population, the need for rapid, personalized diagnostic tests is as evident as ever. Nuclear imaging allows for the visualization and diagnosis of diseases, including cancer, by detecting the emitted radiation from an administered disease-seeking molecule that has been labeled with a radioactive isotope (radiotracer). Lead-203 (203Pb) is a radioactive isotope compatible with single-photon emission computed tomography (SPECT), a proven imaging technique. Although 203Pb has been previously produced, the poor chemical purity of the isotope has hindered radiopharmaceutical advancement. This proposal aims to establish an automated manufacturing method to produce 203Pb in collaboration with our industry partner, ARTMS Inc., which will commercialize this technology to make this high-purity isotope available for use by nuclear medicine researchers and physicians on an international basis to improve cancer diagnostic techniques.

Brooke Lynn McNeil
Faculty Supervisor: 
Caterina Ramogida
British Columbia
Partner University: