Production line for personalized camping car cabinets

Today’s customer desire more and more personalized products and often want to get involved in the design of them. The manufacturing of personalized furniture is a good example of this trend. NavCamper is a SME in Quebec, producing personalized camping cars. The production of personalized cabinets for these camping cars is currently very labour intensive. To remain cost efficient and address the issue of shortage of personal to hire, NavCamper wants to automate the production. The aim of the project is to develop the needed elements (manufacturing equipment and software) that will allow to automate the production in costly manner of fully personalized wooden cabinets. The challenge is that each cabinet is unique, in size, shape color, wood finish etc. The production line will be able to handle this diversity and streamline the production of these personalized cabinets.

Michel Tillmann
Faculty Supervisor: 
Rolf Wüthrich
Partner University: