Promoting BEST (BEtter, Faster, Longer, STronger) Walking for People with Parkinsons

This project aims to improve how people with Parkinson Disease (PD) walk. Typically, people with PD develop a shuffling gait and limits walking for health and fitness and can also lead to falls and fractures. This project is based on a SMART sensor, Heel2ToeTM, that attaches to the outside of the shoe and gives a “beep” when the wearer makes a good step, one in which the heel is the first point of contact with the surface. Starting a step with a strong heel strike, changes a stooped shuffling gait to one that is upright and striding. The aim here is to make this technology as useful as possible. To do this, we will invite 100 people with PD to try the Heel2Toe sensor and give us feedback about their experience while we track their progress. According to Parkinson Quebec, there are 25,000 people with PD in Quebec and 3924 are registered with Parkinson Quebec.

Azba Shaikh
Faculty Supervisor: 
Nancy Mayo;Etienne de-Villiers-Sidani
Partner University: