ProStudioMasters is poised to become a key player in the emerging market of high quality, high bandwidth, uncompressed audio distributed over the internet. The interns will provide support by compiling information to be included in the container file along with the audio: metadata such as correct attributions (composers, performers), historical circumstances of the recording, analytic capsule summaries of classical works, aesthetic and cultural importance of the recording, and other necessary items that vary with the repertoire. The intern's research qualifications for this work, his deep musical understanding befitting a doctoral student, his broad familiarity with multiple genres from a personal history of performing and composing widely, his experience as an archival librarian and the quality of his written communication provide extraordinary value to ProStudioMasters while guaranteeing the student an exceptional opportunity to enjoy a work experience in the environment of a fast-moving industry, and to be rewarded for the skills acquired over a number of years.

Mohamed Touizrar, Alejandro Aspinwall ,Pawel Leskiewicz & TBD
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Jonathan Wild