Protective and therapeutic use of resistant starch (MSPrebiotic) in a pig model of experimental colitis

Many alternate treatment options are now used to alleviate chronic intestinal inflammation and microbial imbalance including dietary supplements of prebiotics and probiotics. Resistant starch (RS) represents a range of indigestible dietary carbohydrates passing into the lower gut, without being digested/absorbed in the upper digestive tract. It is speculated that RS can reduce signs and symptoms of intestinal inflammation through modification of the gut microbial communities, regulation of local inflammatory cytokines, and its effects on mucosal barrier system. MSPrebiotics Inc, runs a prebiotic manufacturing facility in Manitoba and has developed a popular potato RS. The company is interested in investigating the beneficial effects of this potato RS in the gut. Here, we will investigate protective and therapeutic effects of RS (MSPrebiotic) in a pig model of experimental colitis by measuring fecal consistency, large intestine histopathology, blood inflammatory markers, and gut microbial population and functional changes.

Elnaz Azad
Junfei Guo
Faculty Supervisor: 
Ehsan Khafipour
Partner University: