Public Engagement in Nuclear: Medicine, Mining, Meeting Climate Change Commitments

This project explores methods of engagement and communication that bridge the science, public and policy gap in respect of the nuclear ecology: medicine, mining, and meeting climate change commitments (through nuclear energy small modular reactors (SMRs)). Saskatchewan, the home of uranium mining and where scientists helped develop the world’s first cobalt-60 nuclear medicine scanning machines, is an ideal location for this inter and transdisciplinary exploration. United by complex issues (climate change, cancer/disease, nuclear science) and the geography of uranium mining, this study explores people’s attitudes, affects, perceptions and learning surrounding the nuclear ecology.

Abimbola Ojo;Stephen Darko;Clarisse Uwamahoro;Larkin Mosscrop;Sarah Gauthier
Faculty Supervisor: 
Margot Hurlbert
Partner University: