In Pursuit of Local Histories: Regent Park Film Festival and the Immediacy of the Archive

To commemorate its 20th anniversary in 2022, the Regent Park Film Festival will commission four local IBPOC artists (prioritizing gender diversity and those from Regent Park or similar communities in Toronto) to produce digital media art works that engage with the history of Regent Park. The basis for their artistic engagements will include visual source material such as archival footage of Regent Park (documentaries, news coverage, home videos from residents etc.), as well as narrative forms set in Regent Park (short and feature films, web series episodes, music videos etc.). The Mitacs Post-Doctoral researcher will support the production of the films both through archival research, interviews with community stakeholders and the creation of an online digital interface that will support and extend the films.

Lani Akande
Faculty Supervisor: 
Janine Marchessault;Desiree de Jesus
Partner University: