Quantifying the Computation Power and Transaction Latency of Pool Mining in Cryptocurrency Networks

In this project, using such mainstream cryptocurrencies as BitCoin and Ethereum as representatives, the intern will analyze the transaction collection strategies of their mining pools, and then collect transactions and the corresponding blocks data to build a large dataset, from which the computing power of different mining pools and their proportions will be analyzed, together with the transaction latencies of pool mining. We will also identify potential enhancement through the analysis and measurement, particularly on energy and delay optimization. Coinchain is a BC-based startup company focusing on advanced cryptocurrency and blockchain technologies, and their application in industrial and commercial scenarios. It delivers global enterprise-level blockchain solutions to leading companies worldwide, and provides one-stop customized services such as product and information platforms, as well as smart contracts and trading platforms. The interns will work closely with the Coinchain engineers and the outcome will help the industrial partner build a more effective cryptocurrency/token for its blockchain-based solutions.

Lei Zhang
Faculty Supervisor: 
Jiangchuan Liu
British Columbia
Partner University: