Queering the Tech Ecosystem in Canada: Understanding challenges, intersections, barriers, and opportunities

LGBTQIA2S+ individuals face barriers and challenges in gaining employment in tech, resulting in their underrepresentation in the industry. Research on this issue is sparse and incomplete. To address this labour-market gap in Canada and improve opportunities, we propose a mixed-methods research study that includes a quantitative survey about LGBTQIA2S+ experiences in tech companies and qualitative interviews with a representative sample. This data will help us better understand hiring and employment experiences, challenges in attracting and retaining LGBTQIA2S+ individuals in tech, and how to improve these processes. Participants include self-identifying LGBTQIA2S+ individuals and non-LGBTQIA2S+ individuals, who work in different levels and sub-sectors, including in hiring and policy-making. Results will help the partner organization, QueerTech, improve their program design, service offering, policy advising, and advocacy initiatives. This project will facilitate knowledge translation and the application of research towards making a positive difference in the lives of Canadians and strengthening the Canadian economy.

Samuel Villeneuve;Katerine Lehmann
Faculty Supervisor: 
Robert-Paul Juster;Ketra Schmitt
Partner University: