Racialized skilled immigrant women’s labour market integration and career advancement in the Greater Toronto Area

This research investigates the experiences and perspectives of skilled newcomer women in Ontario to understand the factors and facilitators which support their transition and integration to the Canadian labour market. While working closely with Newcomer Women’s Services (NEW), this study will interview racialised skilled immigrant women and will attempt to examine their experiences, needs, and difficulties in Canada, as well as examine at least 20 employer perceptions of the strengths and/or skill or knowledge gaps that shape the career trajectories of skilled immigrant women, and investigate the current landscape of micro-credentials in the market. This study will also offer recommendations for future interventions in the form of a micro-credentials program which can truly support women entering the Canadian job market. Since NEW is in the process of evaluating its present pilot project, this study expands on its goal and will benefit NEW in serving its target community of newcomer immigrant women as well promote NEW’s mission of empowering women.

Seerat Kaur Gill
Faculty Supervisor: 
Elizabeth Buckner
Partner University: