Re-imagining knowledge mobilization in a carbon-constrained world: A study of academic conferencing in the sustainability sciences

Academic conferences are important forums for researchers, policymakers, and practitioners to exchange knowledge and address real-world challenges. Especially for early career scholars and scientists in parts of the global South, attending conferences is a vital part of their career development. However, going to a conference often involves long-distance air travel, so the benefits of attending need to be weighed up against its environmental impact. This collaborative project between McGill University and Ouranos aims to develop low carbon- and travel-intensive alternatives for academic conferencing. The interns will help to develop and test the alternative at the upcoming Adaptation Futures conference, which is expected to host over 2,000 participants worldwide. This partnership contributes to Ouranos’ mission to help Quebec society better adapt to climate change based on rigorous scientific knowledge. Ouranos will also benefit from the University’s capacity to attract and bring in exceptional students from different parts of the world.

Daphne Chalmers;Aria Brunetti
Faculty Supervisor: 
Blane Harvey
Partner University: