ReadLS – An online intervention for improved reading

In this research, we are designing and implementing a study to determine if and how, an on-line intervention
(ReadLS) works to help students with developmental dyslexia learn to read. The project involves reviews of the
academic literature on developmental dyslexia and of the more mainstream literature describing commercially
available reading interventions. Using this knowledge, the interns will design and implement a controlled study
to compare the learning associated with ReadLS to another commercial reading intervention. The findings of the
research will be translated for academics, educators and parents. The interns will benefit by developing their
research and communication skills in an applied and meaningful way. They will learn about bridging research
with business. The partner organization will benefit through increased knowledge of their intervention which they
can use to adapt and market their product.

Heather Douglas;Taeko Bourque;Shradha Dixit;Naia Kamawar-MacLeod
Faculty Supervisor: 
Jo-Anne LeFevre
Partner University: