Realistic character skinning in a gaming environment

We propose to tackle a challenging problem in computer graphics called 'skinning'. A skinning technique consists in animating the skin of a 3D virtual character. In our context we seek a method specifically targeted to computer games. Therefore our goal is to develop a skinning method as visually plausible as possible with real-time performance. We recently introduced a method called implicit skinning, this technique produces the effect of skin contact and fold at joints in real-time. We plan to extend it to include more effects such as bulging muscles, skin sliding over the bones and tissues or time-dependent deformations such as jiggling of the muscles or fat due to their inertia. We plan to do the transfer of the implicit skinning technology and work on its extension inside Bandai Namco Studios’ 3D game engine. This will greatly improve the appearance of their 3D characters in their game.

Rodolphe Vaillant
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Brian Wyvill
Project Year: 
British Columbia