Redefining shared living spaces: Active reflection of post-pandemic coliving through architectural journalism

This internship will help revitalize the concept of "coliving" in the post-COVID context of Montréal city, from the perspective of an architecture student. Given that the crisis of housing shortage is on the rise, coliving is an environment-friendly alternative for young entrepreneurs on the move. Using the power of digital journalism for community engagement, this internship will guide Nomad Coliving (NoCo) in adopting transparent media to raise collective awareness on how they approach and implement the concepts of coliving in downtown Montréal. By making sketches and building models of the spaces in NoCo, this contribution could potentially improve NoCo's public outreach and help narrate existing "coliver" testimonials. The ongoing research will attempt to answer the question: How can we visually raise awareness of NoCo as a sustainable living space? The answer(s) will inform a viable design proposal for retrofits of physical spaces and operational systems of NoCo.

FIrdous Nizar
Faculty Supervisor: 
Carmela Cucuzzella
Partner University: