Refinement of a Colour-based Metabolomic Biosensor System (Part 2)

This project involves designing a portable device for measuring concentrations of certain metabolites in a person’s
blood or urine. This is an easy-to-use device that connects to a smartphone to display a final result based on
measurements of multiple components to generate a specific health diagnosis. Different tests can be run on the
same device. The device works by loading custom-made fluidic chips into the device which contains dried
chemical reactions. The chip moves the urine or blood to the reaction sites, where a reaction occurs causing a
colour change proportional to the amount of the specific metabolite in that blood or urine. The device can measure
this colour change and relate that to a concentration automatically, and interpret the results.

Scott MacKay
Faculty Supervisor: 
David S Wishart;Lisa Stein
Partner University: