Refining a women’s heart health promotion program by engaging patients as active partners

Women with elevated cardiovascular disease risk can improve their health by participating in interventions that encourage health promoting behaviours, such as physical activity. However, although a person may know that they will benefit from participating in a health promotion program, there are many reasons why people do not adopt healthier lifestyles. Patients with lived experience have specific knowledge of the barriers and facilitators that limited or supported their failure or success completing health promotion programming. Therefore, this project will utilize patient-oriented research approaches to engage women with personal experience living with elevated cardiovascular disease risk for the purpose of refining the HerHeart Women’s Heart Health program delivery approach so it is more strongly aligned with how they want it to be delivered. Engagement activities will be done through consultation and also through their involvement as patient advisory committee members over a 36-month period. The Reh-Fit Centre will benefit from this project by gaining patient-perspectives to refine their program delivery model, enhance the reach of the program into diverse communities and to inform the design of a novel mobile health technology application (app) to support program scalability and delivery.

Mudra Dave;Daniel Schwade Araujo
Faculty Supervisor: 
Todd Duhamel
Partner University: