Reformulation of Electrochemical Sensors for Trace Dissolved Oxygen Monitoring

Electrochemical sensors for monitoring dissolved oxygen levels are commonplace in industrial, researchand regulatory labs. The industrial partner?s commercialized device is capable of real-time monitoring ofO2 at parts-per-billion levels but is interested in reformulating the electrode materials to remove heavymetals, thereby minimizing negative environmental impact and ensuring sustainability of the technology.This project will measure and document the characteristics of candidates to replace the heavy metals inthe electrodes while ensuring continued operation at necessary. The project will analyze viable optionsfor materials to be used as anodes and cathodes, optimize the pairing of anode and cathode materialstogether to ensure measurement of O2 at parts-per-billion levels, and compare the outcomes to possiblenext-generation optical sensor designs.

Elif Pinar Alsac
Faculty Supervisor: 
Rodney Smith
Partner University: