Regional Quaternary Geology and Glacial History in the Iskut Area

Canada’s modern landscape has been strongly influenced by the formation and subsequent melting of glaciers during the last glaciation. Glaciers have a wide range of effects on near surface sediments including moving and reworking them to form new deposits. Understanding the actions of the glaciers and the shape, characteristics and variability of the resulting sediments is important to the work of scientists and engineers. This project focusses on using a combination of drill hole data, imagery taken from airplanes and surveys of the shape of the earth’s surface to piece together the story the history of glaciers in the area to the southeast of Iskut in Northern British Columbia. A map of the various sediments observed at surface will be produced. This work will help scientists and engineers with future projects in the area and add another small piece to the story of this history of glaciers in BC.

Madeleine Sauvé
Faculty Supervisor: 
Brent Ward
British Columbia
Partner University: