Regulation of granulosa cell autophagy and estradiol production by microRNA in the pig ovary

Fertility improvement is important in both human being and livestock industry. Increasing the oocyte competence is one of the most critical measures for fertility improvement. miRNAs are small non-coding RNAs which can regulate the estrogen production in the ovarian follicles which in turn affecting the oocyte development and competence. However, its underlying mechanism remains unknown. In this project, we hypothesize that miRNAs might affect the cell autophagy, a physiological activity that cell converts those redundant or damaged components to nutrient units which can be used to synthesize survival-related critical proteins. Uncovering this mechanism providing us a new target to improve oocyte competence which is of great significance to both humans and animals.

Xiaoshu Zhan
Faculty Supervisor: 
Julang Li
Partner University: