Reimagining Design for Manufacturing & Assembly (DFMA) for Housing in the Architectural Design Process

Combining design and digital workflows, pre-fabrication, and automated assembly provides a rare opportunity for the AEC industry to unite three critical construction items that have traditionally been at odds with one another: Time, Cost and Quality. Working with AIBC’s off-site automated prefabrication facility, this project will use research through design to provide insight into the ways in which Design for Manufacturing and Assembly (DFMA) can leverage and synthesize innovative architectural design thinking and methods, with leading edge manufacturing processes and assembly techniques, to create housing assemblies that are more affordable, healthier, and integrated with current methods of digital design, production, and construction. The intended result is a re-imagined design process for the housing industry, capable of addressing the separation of design thinking and automated construction technologies.

Corina Amarioarei
Faculty Supervisor: 
Sheryl Boyle;Jerry Hacker
Partner University: