The relationship between low back pain, pain related fear, and the quality of movement in low back pain patients

This study proposes to evaluate the quality of movement in patients with low back pain using a novel device. We are going to measure and compare the movement of people with back pain to that of healthy people. In addition, we plan on correlating the psychological factors associated with low back pain to tissue pathology. Many previous studies have used self-report measures of movement, and now we will determine whether our method of measuring movement correlates with these self-reports. If this new device developed by backtrack is able to measure back specific movement that other movement devices cannot pick up, it would become a vital tool in designing effective treatment protocols. If clinicians have a clearer idea of what is happening, where, and the perception the individual has of his pain, then treatments would become more effective.

Kyle L’Esperance
Faculty Supervisor: 
Geoffrey Dover
Project Year: