Remote Supports as a Service Delivery Option for Individuals Accessing Community Living Services

Many services including health services are now offered remotely through live 2 way communication from the practitioner’s office to the patient’s home. Community Living Society, Inclusion Langley, Richmond Society for Community Living, and Spectrum Society for Community Living, plan to see how this model might work in our programs that support individuals who have a developmental disability to live independently in community. Our 3 year pilot will test if adding the option for remote support can improve the quality of life for individuals in the key domains of independence, social participation, and wellbeing. It will also test which types of support we offer are best suited to remote delivery and how we make sure that the privacy, health, and wellbeing of service users are protected. Finally, it will test if, offering some or all supports remotely can make it possible for more people with different levels of need to successfully live independently.

Zach Manley
Faculty Supervisor: 
Rachelle Hole
British Columbia
Partner University: