Replicating the structure of salmon fillet using directional freezing of plant-based protein-hydrocolloid blends

This project seeks to create a plant-based salmon fillet that rivals the real thing. To-date, we have been able to make many prototypes that are close to the texture and appearance of real fish. Still, there is room for improvement. Our present innovations are now patent pending. Our fish fillet is made from a number of different plant-based proteins and hydrocolloids that are used collectively to create fibres using a process called directional freezing. Here, we will optimise the physical, chemical and gelling properties of different input materials that are textured using our novel process. Ultimately, it is our goal to recreate the distinct texture of a conventional Atlantic salmon fillet. This project should help New School Foods understand what inputs and structuring processes should be considered for eventual commercial-scale production of an alternative protein Atlantic salmon fillet.

Auke de Vries
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dérick Rousseau
Partner University: