Robotic Inspection of CANDU Fuel Channels

Fuel channel inspection is critical to safe operation of CANDU reactors. However, the existing techniques used to inspect fuel channels are slow. Fuel channel inspection represents a major bottleneck during maintenance shutdowns of CANDU reactors. To reduce inspection time, it is proposed to develop a robotic inspection system. Multiple copies of this inspection system can be utilized simultaneously to reduce inspection time. In previous work, a proof-of-concept robotic crawler capable of pushing an inspection head through a fuel channel was developed. However, key elements for the development of a complete robotic inspection system still need to be developed including a power and communication systems, a cable management system, improved localization system, and delivery system. This project will look at the design and development of these sub-systems with the end goal of developing a complete prototype of a robotic inspection system for CANDU fuel channels.

Bryce Elvin;Cameron Slade
Faculty Supervisor: 
Scott Nokleby
Partner University: