Roof Plane Generation Algorithm for Slope Roofs

Automated Systems Research (ASR) has been supplying software to the roofing estimation market for close to 20 years. While the lack of competition in this niche market has provided for a steady ongoing business opportunity, it has created a vacuum of research in this area. One of the recurring research problems at ASR is that of generating the entire surface of a sloped roof given the building’s polygonal outline and also the roof slope angle at each outline edge. Currently, expectations and requirements for a robust and efficient algorithm which can solve the sloped roof generation problem have been growing in size and urgency. With a lack of available solutions in the existing literature, the seemingly straightforward nature of the problem, and several known fallacies of the current implementation used by the company, ASR considers sloped roof generation a novel problem in need of pure research in the form of experimentation and prototyping. Thus, the objective of this internship research is to complete ASR’s existing work in this area.

Joe Kahlert
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dr. Richard Zhang
British Columbia