Ryan Underwood Mitacs Elevate with General Fusion: Investigation of Novel Photon Detection Devices for Fusion Diagnostic Applications

General Fusion is pursuing a fast, efficient, and collaborative path to practical fusion power. Its vision is a world with clean, limitless energy, and General Fusion’s mission is to deliver it using its proprietary Magnetized Target Fusion technology. General Fusion is building a Fusion Demonstration Plant to prove this technology and will require numerous state-of-the-art fusion fuel measurement tools. TRIUMF has research experience in relevant electronics and measurement tools. The applicant will work with TRIUMF and General Fusion to investigate a new type of electronic device that shows promise for three different tools that measure temperature and composition of the fusion fuel. This research project will help determine the feasibility of this technology for these applications, which will benefit both TRIUMF and General Fusion.

Ryan Underwood
Faculty Supervisor: 
Fabrice Retiere
British Columbia
Partner University: