Safe, Legal… and Inclusive? A Qualitative Study Exploring Trans Youth’s Experiences Accessing Abortion Care in British Columbia

Almost all abortion research focuses on cisgender women’s experiences. What little is known about trans people’s abortion experiences is the result of a handful of USA-based studies. At present, no Canadian trans abortion data exists despite unique delivery and access challenges within this context. This study is guided by two questions: 1) How do trans youth describe their experiences accessing abortion within the British Columbia healthcare system? 2) What factors impact whether abortion services are experienced as youth-friendly, gender-affirming and supportive? This project will involve qualitative, semi-structured interviews with twenty trans youth who have accessed – or tried to access – abortion in BC. The Centre for Gender and Sexual Health Equity is supporting this research, as the project aligns with their goal of advancing gender equity and sexual health for all, especially equity seeking groups.

A.J. Lowik
Faculty Supervisor: 
Kate Shannon
British Columbia
Partner University: