Scale-up synthesis and commercialization of poly(3-alkyltellurophenes)

Polytellurophenes are an emerging class of semiconducting polymers showing promises in organic electronics. However, their commercial potentials are still held back by the synthetic scale. In this collaborative efforts with 1-materials, we aim to develop a synthetic strategy to produce polytellurophenes from a laboratory scale to a pilot scale to meet the increasing market demands. The synthesis will be scale up to produce 500 mg and 2.5 g polytellurophenes in one single batch at Stage 1 and Stage 2, respectively. A thorough assessment of safety, efficacy, and economic factors in both stages will be performed. This is an opportunity for the partner to bring this cutting-edge material to the public market. Polytellurophenes have the potentials to become one of the partner’s feature products.

Shuyang Ye
Faculty Supervisor: 
Dwight Seferos
Partner University: